DNF Publishing

Royalty Plan

We like to reward our authors with high industry payouts.  Of course, we would like to make them higher ,but I think you'll find the payouts are much more competitive than most publishers in the industry.  DNF Publishing uses a sliding payout scale.  Generally, as your book sales increase so does your payout.  Remember that this is residual income and will be repeated each year as new racer's enter next year's race and will likely have an interest in your book.


* Payouts will occur at the end of each month. If less than 25 books are sold, then payout will occur in the next month or when 25 books are sold.
*After the first year, we reserve the right to request any revisions to the book if the race course has changed.  You can either revise the book to reflect the new course or we will pursue new authorship, whereby the book will be taken off the market.

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