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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What does the term co-author mean?  Why don't I write the entire book?

Answer:  First and foremost, there are two parts to the book.  Part 1 and Part 2.  Part 1 highlights general training strategies for completing an ultramarathon.  DNF Publishing works on this portion of the book.  You're in charge of Part 2 - your story, as well as, your  specific training and race strategy.  We then integrate the two sections and publish the book as a co-authored book (of course, your name is one the cover!).     Additionally, we take on the burden of building out the website, as well as, printing, publishing, distributing, and selling the book.  A few always ask if it's possible to write the entire book (those darn overachievers!).  You're certainly welcome too.  That being said, each book is just around 100 pages.  That's a lot of time invested.  We've eliminated half of the work by devising a general ultramarathon training guide, which we integrate with your individual preparation, training, and race strategies.  This gives your customer a complete guide to their specific race.  We also provide a template, which helps makes the process much faster.  

Question:  How long does it take to write my portion of the book?

Answer:  Most have been able to finish Part 2 of the book within two weeks.  Although, this depends entirely on your free time available.  

Question:  Will I be able to get rich off of this?  Is this worth my time?

Answer:  Let's get one thing straight.  This is a VERY niche market.  You will not likely sell thousands of books.  Yes, you will make some extra spending money and it might even cover next year's race fees.  Most ultrarunners are dedicated to raising awareness of the sport and simply love being part of it.  Lastly, there's the prestige aspect of getting your name on a book and selling a few copies in the process.  I have had a few authors parlay this into a part-time writing career.  Either way you look at it, you must have a passion for the sport and it will come through in your writing.  Remember, the more races you finish, the more books you can write.  The more books you write, the more money you collect each month.

Question:  What am I responsible for in this process?  Does this cost anything?

Answer:  Please refer to the 9 Steps.  This doesn't cost a dime ... only than your time. 

Question:  Who develops the website? Who manages the website? What do I need for the website?

Answer:  We build the website out initially.  You are responsible for submitting the content (About me section, Story section, etc).  Also, we offer the option of starting a blog for your book.  We find that the blog helps with book sales.  It's your choice.  Also, we ask that you submit race photos, videos, and content for your website.  Your consumer needs a story to relate too.  Your website should give them this.

Question:  Why do the royalties start off low and go up after time?

Answer:  There are a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, the royalties are much higher than the industry standard. Second, we are publishing and distributing a niche product and to a smaller market.  As such our costs are higher for the initial build out, but subside over time.  As that time passes and books sales increase, so do your royalty payments!  

Question:  Why does it take so long to get the book available for sale since I submitted the manuscript?

Answer:  First, our editors inspect the manuscript,  then printing process takes a few days and lastly, we take the time to review the proof  to make sure there aren't any major errors in the printing.  Be patient. Good things take time.

Question:  Why would someone  buy my book when there are dozens of books and articles available?

Answer:  First, most ultramarathons are entirely different from one another.  While one training and race strategy may work for one particular race it's not likely to give the same results for the next race.  Having a training and race guide specifically geared towards that race gives the participant a better chance at finishing.  Second, most of the books and articles are written by elite runners who have nothing in common with the amateur or intermediate ultrarunner.  We've set out to give the "common" ultrarunner (which is most of us) a tool they can actually use.

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