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Have you ever considered writing your own book? Have you dreamed of getting that book published? We all have, but the process seems daunting, right? Before you start making excuses, it's not as hard or as time consuming as you think! It's actually very simple. Before we tell you how, you're probably wondering who we are...

DNF Publishing is simply a team of runners dedicated and committed to the sport of ultrarunning. We work with other amateur ultrarunners and authors around the world to create, publish, and distribute books on how to train and finish specific ultramarathons. We have only one mission here at DNF and that goal is to publish and distribute books on how to train for and complete every ultramarathon.  Big goal, right?!  

It has been widely realized that completing an ultramarathon is as much mental as it is physical. Our aim is to simply help ultrarunners around the world improve their chances of finishing by providing as much insight into their specific ultramarathons as possible.  Your probably wondering, "Aren't there already hundreds of articles already available and more than enough books on the market already?"  The answer to your question is YES.   We realized that there is a wealth of training articles and general training books already available, but most are to vague or are meant for the elite runners.  We found that most ultrarunners either run in the middle or back of the pack, so, we work with those same runners to devise guides for other beginning and intermediate runners.  

First, you prepare, train, and run the ultramarathon of your choice and chronicle the adventure. Once completed, we provide you with a formatted template. There are two parts to the book.  Part 1 highlights general training methodologies for completing an ultramarathon.  DNF works on this portion of the book.  You're in charge of Part 2 - your story and the specific training and race strategy.  We then integrate the two sections and publish the book as a co-authored book.  Pretty cool, right?!  Lastly, we take on the burden of building out the website, as well as, printing, distributing, and selling the book. 

First, it simply isn't profitable enough for most publishing houses.  Second, there is a very limited niche market for each race.  We are able to do this by teaming up with amateur ultrarunners who are dedicated and committed to their trade and raising awareness of the sport.  

It's not nearly as hard or time consuming as you think.  Are you an amateur ultra marathon runner?  Are you dedicated and committed raising the awareness of the sport?  Do you already write a blog and have some sort of writing experience?  We have a basic template and work with you throughout the entire process to get the book published.  We're always looking for new authors to co-publish on races, we have yet to publish books on.   Contact us today regarding publishing opportunities. 

No catch.  We don't ask for your money.  All you do is simply write.  In fact, you will actually make money off of the book sales.  No, you probably won't be able to quit your day job, but it might help cover some of next year's race fees!  We manage the publishing, the sales process, the inventory, and the distribution.  Our aim is simply to provide the tools necessary to get your story and strategy published.  Lastly, our 
royalty payouts are are higher than the industry average. 

We have laid out a quick 
9 Step Plan (Click Here) on what it will take to get your first book published. 

Contact us today regarding publishing opportunities as we are continuously updating our Race Library. 

DNF wants to publish your story! 

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